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Discord Cards

Discord Cards is a trading card discord bot where you can buy and open card packs, recieve daily currency, craft badges, trade with friends and so on!


Trading can make giving people cards safe and easy! Start by typing []tstart @mention and wait for the person to type []taccept.

Global Market

Global Market can easily let you earn money by putting items up for sale! Start by typing []gmsell b1nzy 26 100 and wait until someone buys it. You will recieve a notification when it does happen. You can also say that you want to purchase something for a given amount by typing []gbbuy MOUKN 10 1000.


Clubs are a way to make groups of friends and new found people! You can only be in 5 clubs. To create a group, type []ccreate Club Awesome. To join a club, type []cjoin Club Awesome.

New Content

More series are being created to keep the community wanting more! To see all cards, type []cards 2. To see all the current series, type []series. To see a card, type []card Snazzah.


Badges are a way to show the completionist in you! To fuse cards into a badge, type []fusecards Discord Nitro. To see all available badges, type []badges. To see someone elses badges, type []pbadges @mention. To see a badge, type []badge Discord.

Limited Cards

Limited cards cannot be obtained from card packs or dailies. These are cards exclusively dropped in global market and they are limited to only a few hundred cards. If you want updates on the next card drop, join the Discord Cards Server and type b!limited-notif on in the #offtopic channel.


Discord Cards is translated through a couple of people that help this bot become available to many people around the world. To see the list of locales, type []ss locale list. To set your server's locale, type[]ss locale pl. To set your own locale, type []setting locale de.